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On the 5th April 1982, a large British task force set out on a 7500 mile journey to liberate a group of tiny windswept islands in the South Atlantic. On 1st May began the biggest naval action to take place since the Second World War - nearly 900 men lost their lives. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the conflict.

These pages are not only a resource of information (containing contributions from people from all round the world, many of whom were actually involved) but also a tribute to those who served in the forces of both sides during the conflict.

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Mike Colton, Friends of the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, writes:

We are currently enbarked on a project to establish a more permanent memorial to the Falkland Islanders Resistance during the 1982 Conflict. Our present memorial can be found on War Memorials Online.

Any help with this can be sent to this GoFundMe page - already over 5000 has been raised.

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