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Miguel Suñé, a retired Argentine Coast Guard pilot, has very kindly sent me these two photos from his time flying Skyvans during the war. He flew combat search and rescue operations from Ushuaia Coast Guard in Rio Gallegos. These were taken on one of the transport flights to Rio Grande.
Shorts Skyvan
Skyvan sitting on the runway.
Shorts Skyvan
Miguel himself.

These were provided by Mark Price who served on HMS Intrepid. "A local firm printed these from my photos, the negs were loaned 20 years ago and never returned."
HMS Intrepid
Intrepid took the surrender of East Falkland after it was over.
HMS Antelope
Antelope with the hole in her sailing up San Carlos water.

The following five images were provided by an armour from 800 (Sea Harrier) Squadron on HMS Hermes.
RFA Resource
RFA Resource.
Bear and Sea Harrier
Incredible photo of a Sea Harrier closely persuing a Russian Bear long-range maritime patrol aircraft.
Wessex helicopter
Wessex helicopter with supplies, HMS Hermes
Wessex helicopter
Wessex helicopter with supplies, HMS Hermes
Sea Harrier on HMS Hermes
Sea Harrier, armed and ready on the deck of HMS Hermes

Donald Morrison spent two years in the Falkland Islands from 2007-09. In that time I took a fair amount of photographs which have been of interest to many guys who served in 82.

Donald's Flickr galleries

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